Poachers Brewery
439 Newark Rd
North Hykeham
Lincs LN6 9SP
t: 01522 807404
m: 07954 131972


Poachers produce beers to suit most, if not all discerning drinker's palates. All of our beers are cask-conditioned, and produced only from the finest ingredients. The whole range is also available bottle-conditioned (RAIB).

Our bottled range

Here, we detail only our regularly brewed beers. In reality we produce many more, usually one-offs for beer festivals or special events.

Our bottled beers are available from:

Poachers Off Licence, High St, Lincs

Please drink our products responsibly.

The range:

Clicking on the beer's name will open up its details in a new window. Beers are listed by ascending ABV.


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